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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Home Theater


Nice Home Theater! We'll Help You Set it UpChristmas victory! You've just obtained the final component for your ideal home theater set-up. Now it's time to hook everything up and turn your living room into that badass entertainment zone you've always envisioned. We'll guide you through the basics.

Getting Started (The Basics)

You have the gear, you've made measurements, and big screen bliss is just hours away. Before you break out the popcorn, let's lay the groundwork. For the purposes of this walk-through, we'll assume you're already up to speed on what cables you'll need, as well as how to hook everything up. If you want a refresher course, check out our comprehensive cable guide. Monster has an overview of home theater connection types, too. It's doesn't hurt revisit our epic HDMI Battlemodo either, you know, if you're worried about getting ripped off.

With the basics out of the way, here are some practical guidelines for getting your new movie den in shape. Now get to work!

HDTV Wall Mounting
Perhaps Santa delivered a new plasma. Or maybe you just want to free up a little space for the Kinect and center channel. Either way, mounting that flatscreen on a wall is never a bad idea—provided you have the space. Before you begin though, there are a few tools you'll want to pick up from the hardware store (if you don't already have them):

• wall-mounting bracket
• stud finder
• carpenter's level
• power drill
• measuring tape
• screwdriver
• pencil.

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