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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Gadget Models Ferrari

Gadget - Ferrari Formula 1 Models


Over the last few decades thousands of Ferrari models have been produced by hundreds of model car makers the world over, some of these models are made very well showing both good quality and detail but there are other models that really do leave a lot to be desired.  We have ourselves collected Ferrari models for many years and we have come across many of the diecast models produced by the various makers.
However, recently we have been introduced to, and now stock, some of the very best 1/43rd diecast models of Ferrari that we have ever seen.  These models are the Ixo La Storia Formula 1 Ferrari models.  Each brilliant model of a Ferrari Formula 1 car covers the history of both the car and it’s driver.  The models are all limited edition and the complete series are collected over a five year period, coming out every month.

The presentation of these models really are second to none!  They each come in a very clever ‘tin’ book which can be stored away on either a shelf or in a bookcase, just like any ordinary paper book, they can then be taken from the shelf and opened, just like any book and used for reference.  Accompanying each beautiful model is an illustrated booklet covering the history of the driver and his car.
The drivers in this series include such great names in Formula 1 as Alberto Ascari, Juan Manuel Fangio, John Surtess and some of the later drivers such as Michael Schumacher.
If you enjoy collecting cars and/or ephemera from either Formula 1 Racing or, if you enjoy collecting Ferrari diecast models, then this series is a must for you and definitely not to be missed.


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