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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Android generate


Android to generate a billion dollars in ad sales in 2012


We all know that one of the big drivers behind the development of Android was to get more ad money for Google. Apparently, that is working out well for the search giant. Forbes reports that Android could become a billion dollar ad platform in 2012.

The news comes by way of analyst Gene Munster. Munster claims that Android generated $5.90 per use in mobile advertising in 2010 and that in 2012 that per use amount will work out to $9.85. Munster also figures that the Android Market could earn more per user from in-app ads over the next couple years.
Munster predicts in 2012 that there will be 133 million Android users and at $9.85 per user, Google will rake in $1.3 billion in Android advertising revenue. I could see these numbers happening and if one really popular device hits the market, like a more reasonably priced Xoom tablet, the numbers may be even better.


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