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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Smarthphone comparison

A Comparison Between Two Smartphones

Since Nokia made a huge fuss of its long-awaited flagship the N8 smartphone which is intended to be its answer and competition against Apple’s iPhone late last year, it is worthwhile to compare the two smartphones based on design, functionality and price.

So what is a smartphone?

For those who haven’t joined the bandwagon and scratching their heads on what the brouhaha is over smartphones, these high-end devices where you spend probably more time on its additional functions rather than just call or text – basically function as a phone should, have advanced features that you might find in a personal digital assistant, a computer or a video-camera such as the ability to send and receive emails and edit office documents, being able to edit photos, browse internet, etc, as well as have the ability to take still photos and record HD videos. All these innovative functions are covered in one super gadget. The iPhone introduced more than two years ago lead the pack among the variety of smartphones primarily because of its functionality, design and it helps that Steve Jobs continually updates the features and that Apple has an awesome marketing strategy.

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Both cell phones – the N8 and iPhone are masterpieces of technology and innovation in their own right and it’s difficult to judge which is better on the basis of size comparison, height-width comparison and screen comparison.

The iPhone is slimmer than the N8; it’s probably the world’s slimmest phone. While both phones have similarities in dimension and weight – the key difference is in the thickness. Nokia phone has a 0.51 inches (12.9mm) which excludes the camera area whereas iPhone is only 0.37 inches (9.3mm). The iPhone employs stainless steel and ultra durable glass against the aluminium used by Nokia.

Both phones come with a 3.5” screen size and whereas the N8 has a resolution: 16:9 nHD (640 x 360 pixels) AMOLED, the iPhone has a Retina Display (LCD with IPS technology) making it 640×960 pixels of resolution. In the area of overall design, the iPhone win hands-down with its sleek look.

Price Difference:

So how much are you willing to spend to buy your new cell phone? Consider that smartphones due to their advanced functionalities do not come cheap. Your wallet is a key factor in selecting the phone you want. Research shows that the Nokia cell phone is at least 20-25% cheaper in price than iPhone 4 (unlocked version). Apple products are usually expensive than its competitors but still their products stay in great demand.

Color Variants:

The N8 has a variety of colors to chose from – the silver white, dark grey, orange, blue and green and so there is a variety to chose from. The iPhone on the other hand only comes in two colors – white and black, presumably to show off its sleek and functional design but it doesn’t give you a lot to chose from.

Camera Quality:

These days a cellphone is weighed on their ability to take photos and record high quality videos – they’ve now overtaken the digicam market with this functionality. With a 5MP camera and 720 HD video recording of 30 frames/second, the iPhone can take gorgeous, quality pictures and footage. In this regard, the makers of Nokia have pulled out all the stops and the N8 has a 12 MP camera and is able to capture stunning photos and can record 720p HD video. So N8 gets a plus against iPhone4 in photos and video because of having a 12 mega pixel camera.


The N8 mobile works on its Symbian^ 3 operating system – a system that it was in the process of tweaking last year but it packs a punch. It has a visual task switcher and manager, multiple home screens and simplified settings control. It also throws in an image editor and video editing software to take advantage of those shots and videos captured with its 12 MP camera.

Apple’s iOS4 operating system also allows for multitasking on a multi-touch screen. This makes it easy to switch between several applications. It comes with cool applications such as FaceTime to make video calls with its two-way camera, engaging video games and high-definition video editing tools etc. Plus there are above 300,000 applications and games available to download from App Store! It’s like being a kid in an enormous candy factory.

Going by the superpowers packed into both the N8 and the iPhone, it might be a tad bit difficult choosing between the two.

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