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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Nexaira Wireless 3G/4G SOHO router

Having a wireless router is something that is widely used as houses, apartments and offices is considered to miss further - you are considered old-fashioned if you still have to tether your computer into a router or modem, is not it? Good to see that ordinary people have taken plunge when it comes to wireless connectivity on their devices, and Wireless Nexaira both ready ride on this wave with their latest product - which Nexaira 3G/4G Wireless SOHO router. Targeting a SOHO market (that’s small office/home office for the uninitiated), this SOHO router is not only fast but secure, offering instant Wi-Fi service to a home or office without having to run data cabling or subscribe to a wireline service. Wherever you are, as long as there is adequate cellular coverage by any wireless carrier in North America, you will be able to make that connection to the Internet to update your Facebook status and check email amongst a zillion other stuff.

Among the features of the Nexaira Wireless 3G/4G SOHO router would be an automated set-up with the intuitive user friendly i3 GUI and desktop gadget, multiple user access to the Internet, 300 Mbps speeds with 802.11n 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi service and a superior 3G/4G connection than using a data card on a laptop computer. It will arrive in the market later this year for $99.95. Just to get a better idea on its connectivity capability, the Nexaira Wireless 3G/4G SOHO router is able to seamlessly hook up to HSPA and HSPA + networks from AT&T, Bell, Rogers, Telus and T-Mobile and EVDO RevA networks from Sprint and Verizon, as well 4G WiMAX from Clear. Now that’s a pretty comprehensive list, don’t you think?
You will no longer need to be a slave to the limitations of installation times, service area coverage or repair time of traditional wireline networks thanks to the new Nexaira Wireless 3G/4G SOHO router. After all, it is simple enough to use without requiring any technical support, especially when installation is a snap.

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