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Friday, 17 September 2010

Verizon teases 4G, to sell devices at Best Buy

Verizon today put up a teaser page for its upcoming 4G service. The site doesn't offer clues as to a launch window but does mention the benefits of the network, such as its promised 5-12Mbps of bandwidth and the lower lag inherent to LTE. Prospective subscribers can sign up to be notified when the network reaches 30 cities in the fall.
Simultaneously, Best Buy has sent a memo telling staff that the stores will carry Verizon 4G hardware in the fall. The Droid-Life tipster also said that Best Buy's internal cellular activation system, BEAST, is already prepared to activate 4G hardware. None of the devices are mentioned by name.

Despite speculation about phones, all of the LTE equipment that ships in the fall is known to involve modems or routers. The LG VL600 may be the first USB modem, and the Verizon-branded FiveSpot router would provide a MiFi equivalent. Phones aren't anticipated until January.

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