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Sunday, 5 December 2010

3 New Android Phones to Hit the Market this Fall

On Tuesday, AT&T and Motorola announced plans to release three new and improved Smartphone’s based upon Google’s Android software. The prospect of helping Motorola switch to the AT&T provider instead of Verizon has excited many.

The models each have a unique look and are more accessible to a wider audience. Motorola made it their primary focus to be conscientious of price considering their Droid X device currently sells for $200, a steep price for this economy.

The Bravo, the Flipout, and the Flipside all offer an enhanced version of the Android software while still maintaining a savvy look Motorola is known for. AT&T has priced the Flipout at $79.99, starting on October 17 with a two-year service agreement. Exhibiting a flashy twist effect, the square Smartphone features a screen that swivels revealing a QWERTY keyboard underneath.

Although the Flipout stands out in stores, there have been concerns about the reliability of this model. Regardless, this particular phone has already achieved much success in Latin America and Europe. If you are set on buying this versatile phone, you may want to consider switching to AT&T because the Flipout is exclusive only with this provider. This fun and original design contains 600 MHz of power with an ARM cortex-A8 processor, fast enough for anyone on the go.

The Motorola Flipside, which features an impressive slide-out keyboard will cost $99.99. A two- year contract will also be required to purchase this phone. Considered the more practical of the phones, this model contains a touch-screen with a sliding keyboard design that is fast and easy to use. The 320 by 480 screen has a generous trackpad beneath it, allowing smooth navigation throughout the phone. People have compared the design of this phone the Motorola’s Backflip in that the keyboards resemble each other.

The impressive touch-screen phone, the Bravo, is the most expensive of the bunch priced at $129.99. Although this model may not be at the top of it’s game, the phone does feature a 3.7 inch 854 by 480 display and an impressive 800 MHz processor. The design is sleek and easy to hold. Both the Flipside and the Bravo will be available just in time for the holidays, at the end of November.

While all three phones offer a unique cellular experience, the Bravo, Flipout, and Flipside all feature some of the latest technology. Motorola’s MotoBlur has been integrated into Android 2.1 allowing all social networking updates to be organized while providing wipe options. This utilizes server-side technology, which helps sustain battery life and optimizes the Android system. All phones have been upgraded to 3G with Wi-Fi, something many individuals are looking forward to taking advantage of. Each phone contains a three megapixel camera as well as CrystalTalk Plus, a program that enhances voice call quality.

With the addition of three new phones to its repertoire, AT&T is finally expanding the Smartphone family. There is speculation that the iPhone, which is currently exclusively with AT&T will lose this privilege next year to its rival, Verizon Wireless. Teaming up with Motorola will be an investment for both companies and will allow sales to improve.

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