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Sunday, 12 December 2010

iPhone 4 dinosaur tooth and iPad 2 Feb launch

News of the Week
Apple's eagerly awaited iPad 2 is creating quite a stir despite having yet to be confirmed, This week the first leaked iPad 2 case appeared showing the second gen tablet will feature a rear-facing camera and increased connectivity options. This was followed by further case leaks and the original iPad has pushed Apple's mobile computing share to a global high. Elsewhere on the iPad 2 front, it emerged the device will not feature an OLED display as Apple push for a backlit screen and rumours began about an April launch as February shipping date information was revealed.

Android 2.3 officially launched this week as Google unveiled the Samsung Nexus S, the first device to run the Android Gingerbread filling. The 2.3 unveiling was shortly followed by the news that the upcoming Android release will be made available as an update shortly with HTC leading manufacturers and confirming its use of the update. Other Android news this week saw the revelation that 300,000 Android devices are activated each and every day whilst the next generation Android OS, Android 3.0 Honeycomb was demoed by Google's Andy Rubin on the upcoming unnamed Motorola tablet.

Back to Apple and the iPhone has once again been doing the rounds. Whilst a £40,000 iPhone 4 customised with a 65 million year old T-Rex dinosaur tooth and meteor rock might be a bit brash and pricey for some, the long delayed white iPhone 4 wont be and the white Apple handset has this week been dated for a spring 2011 launch by the folks at Cupertino themselves. Advancing to the upcoming iPhone 5 and new Apple patents have revealed the fifth gen smartphone will sport an FM radio receiver and graphical radio mapping tech.

Launch time for RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook is growing ever closer with the 7-inch tablet this week given a number of hands-on demos. Whilst the first saw the tablet's multifunctioning touchscreen credentials shown off, the second gave a look at the tablet, phone pairing that will allow for mobile web browsing. Elsewhere on the PlayBook fornt, RIM has started to accept apps for the upcoming tablet whilst rumours of an upcoming 3D BlackBerry smartphone kicked into gear following the acquisition of a 3D UI developer.

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