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Sunday, 12 December 2010

iPad 3G Great Offer

apple ipad home screen small Three Mobile iPad 3G Tariff / Price Plans Detailed   To Cost As Little As £199...

I have to admit that, despite being a massive tech fan, I have never really warmed to any Apple product: yes they are easy to use, yes they are incredibly functional and yes they are effectively small works of art, but it is really the incredibly high price tag that has always put me off the brand that has over the last decade been market-changing.

Perhaps one of the more luxurious of the more recent Apple products has been the iPad tablet and this week Three Mobile have released their pricing scheme for the device that offers a whole range of iPad contracts and PAYG offers starting from as little as £199. That’s right; you can have an iPad in your stocking for a little under £200.

Apple iPad Monthly Contract Tariffs

It won’t surprise you to know that the headline low price for the iPad is only available as a contract, but that isn’t the only one that Three offer as there are three different options for the three different models of the iPad that Three will be selling.

All of the three contracts offered by Three (a little ironic!) are on a 24 month contract so you will be tied down for some time, and all of these are for £25 a month and offer 15GB worth of data – for those intrigued as to the long time cost that adds up to £600 over the two years (and you’ll get 360GB for that price, that’s £1.67/GB).

So the three contracts are: the iPad WiFi + 3G 16GB which comes with an upfront cost of £199, the iPad WiFi + 3G 32GB which has an upfront cost of £249 and the iPad WiFi + 3G 64GB that has an upfront cost of £349.

Pay As You Go iPad Options

Three are also offering the iPad on PAYG and again have three different options and prices for the three different models, but firstly I’ll look at the tariffs which are the same across the board of which there are two options.

You can either go for a one month rolling contract which will set you back £7.50 for 1GB/month or £15 for 10GB/month or opt for the completely PAYG choice that will cost you £10 for 1GB over 30 days or £20 for 3GB over 30 days – obviously the more you use the iPad the better value you will get out of it, and for frequent users the £15/month contract definitely looks the best bet.

The devices however are a lot more expensive with the iPad WiFi + 3G 16GB costing £529, the iPad WiFi + 3G 32GB costing £599 and the iPad WiFi + 3G 64GB ripping a small hole in your bank account with a price tag of £699.


“We are delighted to launch new pricing options for iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G, in addition to our competitive SIM-only plans for iPad in the UK,” said Marc Allera, sales and marketing director at Three.

“Our network is the largest 3G network in the country and came first in the two most recent YouGov surveys of Mobile Broadband customers – ensuring our customers enjoy the very best mobile performance on iPad.”

And so they should be as we already know that the iPad is arguably the most wanted gadget this Christmas and as Three’s price scheme seems to have the edge over the existing Orange one then they can expect quite a few orders coming in pretty soon.

Whether or not the time advantage will mean that Orange still have the upper hand we’ll have to wait and see, but it will definitely be interesting and this Three Mobile iPad Price Tariffs announcement will certainly make the competition a little more fierce!

apple ipad front back side view white Three Mobile iPad 3G Tariff / Price Plans Detailed   To Cost As Little As £199...

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