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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Gadget Knife

Gadget Knife
American Art Institute?

I'm interested in doing the year program for pastry culinary certification. I was wondering if anyone knew what was the reputation of this school is and how its placement program is really like once you graduate? I hope that the time to open my own shop later after getting some experience, of course. I like the fact that you get your own team (which of course have to pay) but at least get one that includes everything clean as a chef chef hat, apron, all knives and gadgets I need. Also I have the last option to transfer all my credits to a degree if I want to move, so do not let go. Any ideas? If you are interested in baking, what would you do? Thanks!

Hello! I answered your other question (also on the kinds of cakes), I think what I said in another response should answer your question here. All I have to add is that all of them (the schools) that provide their own equipment and "things clean chef:) I said in the response of others to get a job in the field to learn ... I'm pretty sure that after reading this issue of yours who has no experience in the kitchen. REALLY .... get a job before entertaining the idea of going to school. It's a very tough profession (besides not wanting to go through schooling only to find they do not like working in a kitchen). They work crazy hours (the highest number of work hours in a week was 119 - the passage of time was incredible, but I was a walking zombie!) Almost never vacation away, and depending on which work could be treated as a slave. Of course, your social life will be a success too. But there are many aspects also positive. I loved the creative aspect of it. I did things I never knew I could create. But the most impressive things I've done have been in my work. No is the school (see answer other). I loved Sundays when my stuff was out in the lunch line, and I would walk and threw the people knew it was the pastry chef, to come to me and tell me how much he loved something, or was something that did the best I have ever tasted ... That made all the years of sacrifice worth penalty. Good luck

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