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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Google Android Speech Technology to Improve with Phonetic Arts Acquisition [Google Acquires Phonetic Arts and Plans to Improve its Speech Technology for Voice Commands and Synthesis

Google has confirmed its acquisition of voice technology company Phonetic arts, in a bid to improve its voice synthesis and smartphone speech technology.

android voice control

Speech technology may not be as high-profile as other smartphone features. However, it has great potential, particularly with regard to user interface. Consider voice commands on the smartphone and other mobile devices. The future of voice technology probably lies in applications like navigation and translation–both of which are areas in which Google is a big player, with Google Maps and Google Translate.

Android currently trumps the iPhone’s voice command technology, particularly with Android’s Voice Actions vis-a-vis Apple’s own VoiceOver and Voice Control. This recent acquisition can further bolster Google’s position as the company with better voice technology. Phonetic Arts is a UK-based company that develops voice tools and software that create more natural-sounding voices through a blend of phonemes and real voice samples.

Perhaps we’re getting closer to technology in which a computer can more closely mimic our human voices, and not sound too much like a robot.

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